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Today: 7/22/14

Attendance Line

Please don't forget to call the office attendance line to let us know that your child is absent.


Gentle Reminder


Please label or write your child's first and last name in all jackets, sweaters and sweatshirts.  Remember, many jackets do look alike!


Message from Montague's Principal, Dr. Lorrie Wernick

The 2013-14 school year has begun.  We have many new faces on our staff, but there is so much positive energy and we are all excited to be part of the Montague family.  The teachers are all working hard to find out where each student is in his/her learning and how best to help each and everyone this year.  As a staff, we will be looking at data and student work to understand better how each student learns.  We will look at where students are proficient and where they have challenges and we will plan for each student to be successful and have a great school year.

Parents are a very important part of the team in working with our students to be a success.  Please join the PTSA if you haven't already done so.  The membership for the year is $7.00.  Information on joining is on the marque board in the front of the school.  Also, we still need members on our School Site Council and our English Language Learner Committee.  We only meet three or four times a year, but the work we do is important for the school and the students.  If you are interested, please e-mail me with your phone number at lwernick@scusd.net and I will call you to tell you more about the positions.  

Our fall parent conferences will be on October 1st, 2nd ,3rd ,and 4th.  Those will be minimum days.  We will do our best to schedule children in a family on the same day for conferences.  It is important to attend conferences as that is the time when you and your child's teacher can plan together for your child.  

There will be no school for students on Monday, September 23rd.  It is a Staff Development Day for teachers.

I want to remind everyone to drive very slowly and carefully in the parking lot and in front of the school when children are coming and leaving.  Children don't always watch out for cars, so we have to take extra care and watch out for them.  When you drop off or pick up children, don't stop for more than a few seconds for children to get in and out of the car.  There is always a line of traffic behind you.  When you leave the parking lot, be sure to only turn right.  If you turn left, it interferes with the line of traffic that is trying to drop off or pick up.  And remember, students should not be dropped off until 8:15 as there is no supervision before then.  They should be picked up promptly after school, as again, there is not supervision or a place to wait.  Thank you for helping to keep all the children safe.  

At any time, if you have questions, concerns, or ideas to share about Montague School, please call me or set up an appointment to meet.  

Warm regards,

Dr. Lorrie Wernick, Principal   


On-line Registration Information

For convenience, parents now have the option of registering their children for school on-line.  If you have a child who will be entering kindergarten, please register your student soon.  This helps the school determine how many kinder teachers will be needed in the fall.

Online Registration Link:


Fill out the forms on-line, and then email them to dserrano@scusd.net or call the office at 408-423-1910.   Registration is handled in the office between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM, Monday through Thursday.

Safety First

Hello Montague Families,

I hope your first few weeks of school have gone well.  With more kids walking at the beginning of the school year, we are sharing this brief safety brochure with you.  It contains good reminders for all of us to be aware and safe as we go through our week.  Thank you.


Safety Brochure

Transitional Kindergarten

The California Legislature passed the “Kindergarten Readiness Act of 2010” (Senate Bill 1381), which amended the California Education Code to change the birthdate defining admission to Kindergarten. Children who are five years old before the following dates will be admitted to Kindergarten:

  • For the 2012–13 school year, the date is November 1
  • For the 2013–14 school year, the date is October 1
  • For the 2014–15 school year and each school year thereafter, the date is September 1.

To accommodate children who are not yet eligible for Kindergarten admission by these dates, but turn five before December 2, the District is hoping to implement a Transitional Kindergarten program. A Transitional Kindergarten is the first year of a two-year kindergarten program that uses a modified kindergarten curriculum that is age and developmentally appropriate.

A child will be eligible for Transitional Kindergarten if he or she will have a fifth birthday between:

  • For the 2012–13 school year, November 2 and December 2
  • For the 2013–14 school year, October 2 and December 2
  • For the 2014–15 school year and each school year thereafter September 2 and December 2.

Please see the flyer linked below for more information regarding Transitional Kindergarten, including an important note about the uncertainty of funding for this program.


Transitional Kindergarten Flyer (English)

Transitional Kindergarten Flyer (Spanish)

District Standards by Grade

Extended Day Information

Montague/Callejon Preschool Information

Parent Education Website

Santa Clara Unified School District works each day to provide its students and families with quality information and support. For more information for parents, please visit the SCUSD Parent Education Website.

SCUSD Lunch Program

My Nutrikids Lunch Program

Visit My School Bucks website for information on our school lunch program.