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School Address

Montague Elementary School

750 Laurie Avenue

Santa Clara, CA 95054

Telephone (408)423-1900

Attendance (408)423-1905

Reading Recovery Program

First and second grade students who are having the greatest difficulty mastering grade level standards in reading are eligible for services from the Reading Recovery teacher.


Reading Programs at School and Home

F.I.S.H. (Find Interesting Stories at Home)

All students will participate in the F.I.S.H. program.  F forms will be sent home monthly.  Primary students who read for 15 minutes and upper grade students who read for 20 minutes, for 30 days will receive a F.I.S.H. certificate and be eligible to participate in the monthly F.I.S.H. drawing for a book.  Students who participate in F.I.S.H. six times (turn in six forms) will receive a special F.I.S.H. pin and certificate at the end of the year awards ceremony.


Book of the Month

The first week of each month, teachers will share with students the Book of the Month.  The books will cover several themes such as tolerance and acceptance.  The first three books will be by the same author.  As a culminating activity the author will be at Montague Elementary in November to visit the classrooms and will be offering a parent workshop on self esteem and peer pressure.

Title 1 Program

Students who score below grade level on district and standardized testing are eligible for Title 1 services, funded by the federal government.  These services include Extended Day a reading and math intervention program and specialized instruction in reading and math in the classroom.  Parents of Title 1 students can participate in parent education workshops and family activities held each month.

School Nurse

The school nurse works at Montague one day per week.  She provides a variety of health services that include hearing and vision screening.  The health aide assists the nurse and is available one day a week to provide first aid to students.


Our School

Volunteer Opportunities


Our goal this year is to have 100% parent participation.  Parents can participate in a variety of ways.  Please look at the list below to find out how parents can help. Even if you can not volunteer any of your time, we could use your talents, job connections or company donations.


Room Parents

Help plan and organize class parties and field trips.  (Amount of time: depends on teacher)


Computer lab volunteer

Each class needs a computer lab volunteer.  The volunteer will assist students and keep track of programs used.  (Amount of time: Minimum - once/week for 1/2 hour)


Clothes Closet Volunteer

Help to organize and maintain our clothes closet.  Can be during or after school hours.  (Amount of time: minimum once/week, 1 hour)


Library Volunteer

Help students in the library select and check out books.  (Amount of time minimum once/week, 1/2 hour)


Book Fair

During the last week of February.  Assist students with purchases.



Help check in laps, serve water, clean up and sign in volunteers.


Office Help

Help in the office with clerical needs such as running papers, collating.

Student Recognition Programs


Students are eligible for various weekly and monthly awards for citizenship, scholarship and achievement.  Many of these will be listed in the weekly school newsletter that will be sent home every other Wednesday.  We encourage all Montague students to do the best they can in all areas and to share their achievements with their teachers and parents.  It is important to recognize all student achievement.  If your child has earned an award in a non-school competition, or activity, we would like to know so that we may recognize the child at school for this achievement. 


Outstanding Achievement or Improvement

All students are eligible for outstanding achievement or improvement awards each trimester.  To earn this award a student must have shown improvement or outstanding achievement in a particular academic area, skill or activity.


Student of the Week

Each week, two students from Kindergarten, 4th and 5th grade and one student from 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade will be selected as STUDENT OF THE WEEK.  They will be highlighted in the Montague Morning Message from the Principal and their picture will be taken to be displayed in the office.  Each student of the week will earn a certificate and a student of the week pencil.  STUDENTS OF THE WEEK will also appear in the Mustang Memo every other week.


Participation Awards

Any student who participates in noontime sports, Triton Art Exhibit, Writers' Fair, Science Fair or any other extracurricular school activity may be recognized with a participation award.

Special Education

This program provides services for children who require additional teaching assistance to benefit from the district's educational program.  Montague has Special Day Class teachers and a Resource Specialist who work with small groups of students who qualify for assistance.


Please visit the SCUSD website for more information about the Santa Clara Unified School District Special Education program.

Speech and Language Program

Children with special needs in speech and language are provided service by a part time speech and language therapist.

Psychological and Counseling Services

A school psychologist and licensed school counselor are available two days a week.  Referrals are made through the principal or Student Study Team.

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Uniform Policy

Montague Elementary has a uniform policy. Our uniform colors are navy blue and white.  Uniforms need to be clean and pressed.  Shirts are to be worn tucked in.  Sweats are not acceptable.  Specific types of clothing that are acceptable are listed below.

Any kind of sweater or jacket can be worn outside.  Jackets and sweaters worn inside must conform to Montague's uniform standards.  Any sweatshirt that is worn as a jacket must be solid blue or a Montague sweatshirt.



Navy or white turtleneck

Any navy or white shirt/blouse with a collar

Montague t-shirt or swetshirt (t-shirts on Fridays only)



Navy Blue pants, shorts, skort or skirt



No bright colors please

English as a Second Language Program

This program, funded with state and district monies, provides supplemental language instruction for non-English and limited English proficient students.  Montague students who need English language instruction have the service of a Language Development Assistant each day.

Even Start Program

Even Start is a program for one to seven year olds, their siblings and parents.  Students learn side by side with their parent.  The focus for students is on effective study skills and reading.  The focus for parents is on effective parenting skills, acquisition of the English language and job and computer skills.


State Preschool Program

The state preschool program provides equal educational opportunity for children of low income or disadvantaged families, giving special priority to children whose English language skills are limited.  The teachers and aides work with the children in areas of social growth, coordination, language skills, colors, shapes, educational games and toys, number and letter concepts, large and small muscle development, self-confidence, independence and many other areas.  Child must be 4 years old by December 2nd of current school year.

D.A.R.E. Program

Through a collaborative partnership with the Santa Clara Police Department, all fifth grade students attend a drug and resistance education program.  This class is taught once a week for 10 weeks for one hour by a Santa Clara police officer.