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3 B's

Be Responsible 

Be Respectful

Be Safe


Students should bring a healthy snack to school. Students can buy hot lunch or bring a lunch from home.  We will walk over to the cafeteria and all eat inside daily.  Please do not send nuts to school as some of our students are allergic to them.  

Thursday Folders

Every Thursday, a folder comes home with your child's work and notices from the school.  Empty the folder and keep your child's projects. Return the folder on Thursday.  You can reach me by phone or email. (408) 423-1962

Fine Motor

We are working on our fine motor in the classroom.  We are building muscle strength in our hands by using clothespins to match letters, tracing objects to cut,  pinching eye droppers to squeeze water onto paper, pushing pegs into a board,  and rolling, pinching & squeezing play dough.  All of these activities will help with our pencil grasp for writing.

Ms. Howl

Kindergarten Rocks!





My classroom
Kindergarten Rocks!
About the Teacher

This is my 19th year teaching and I have taught K & TK at Montague. I taught kindergarten for 9 years & first grade for 2 years, in Los Altos.  I worked in the district office as part of the Behavior Support Team in 2012. I have two teenage boys and the younger one has autism.   Behavior, whether positive or negative, is all a form of communication. I believe that every child learns in their own way and my goal is to find out what engages your child. I feel social skills are just as valuable as academic skills!