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California Department of Education - Special Education Information




Autism Speaks Website

Special Education - CAC

Special Education Programs at Montague

A variety of services are available for students with identified special needs. These include:

~ RSP (Resource Specialist Program) - a regular supplemental program which addresses specific and identified leaning needs under the direction of the RSP teachers.

~ Speech - a program which provides help in speech and language development under the direction of the speech and language teacher.

~ Special Day Class - a program for students with specific learning needs beyond the scope of the RSP program.

~ Other Programs - programs exist in the district for students with other serious physical, emotional, or learning difficulties.


For more information about special education services, please visit the Santa Clara Unified School District Website.

Community Advisory Committee

What is the CAC?

The Community Advisory Committee is a group of parents, educators and community members interested in helping children who have special education needs.


Specifically, the CAC:

* Advises the Santa Clara Unified School District Board of Trustees.

* Recommends priorities and issues to be addressed.

* Provides input into the development of our local plan for special education.

* Educates parents, teachers and others by offering informative meetings and speakers.

* Encourages community involvement.

Why should I get involved?

The Santa Clara Unified School District and the students it serves benefit from the involvement of the community.  You are welcome to participate in the CAC.  Consider these benefits of joining:

* Have a voice in the District planning for Special Education.

* Learn more about the Special Education Process.

* Network with other parents and professionals.

* Suggest and implement your own ideas.


Help your child while helping others.  Be a partner in positive solutions!

Where can I learn more?

Contact the Special Education and Students Services Department at the District Office at (409)423-2000